All stories are great stories. There is no such thing as a boring story. But like the human body, all great stories are composed of tiny details that combine to make the story great.


As kids, we somehow dreamt of being the main character in a movie. Some even dreamt of becoming an actor or an actress. Later in life did we realize that in this lifetime, all of us are main characters. You are the main character in your life as I am in mine. Why are we so eager to be the main character? The main character always win. The main character always get the girl. The main character, no matter what the circumstance, is declared the victor at the end of the day. Victory does not always come in the form of trophies, medals, or promotion, sometimes victory is found in love, life, and lessons.


Some stories have major life incidents that drive them to the other side of the road. Some incidents started gradually that people didn’t know that something is coming. Some incidents happen with just a snap of the finger. No matter how big or small the incident is, incidents happen to all of us all the time. These incidents do not define us. They are just major roadblocks that we have to get through. They are teaching us to endure, to face the challenge, to be strong physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.


If you wanted to remain poor all your life, you can do it by choosing not to do anything. All of us have the capacity to end our sufferings. We are capable of enduring hardships. The question is, will you let the hardship control your life forever? Or, will you choose to struggle so that you can rise from your current situation? Remember, even hardships have an expiration date.

Life Lessons

All stories, whether big or small, teach us lessons that we can apply in life. This is the part of the story that brings people more inspiration and encouragement.

Now that you know what great stories are made of, it is time that you go and share your story. Share your story so you can share inspiration and encouragement to others.