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Retreat Leader, Registered Nurse, Energy Light Worker

Niki King

Many have called me a dreamer, and that is true.  During my life, I’ve been at times homeless and at times living in luxury. I’ve gone from living on the street to working million-dollar deals and everything in between. One thing for sure is I LOVE TRAVEL and Meeting Healers and hearing their story as it usually comes from the most “Incredible Journeys” and “Unexpected events.”

A Greyhound Bus and a Garbage Bag

I was born in Washington State. As a teen I had many serious obstacles and challenges to deal with. So serious, I ended up in Child Protective Service, Foster Care and Group Homes off and on from the age of 5. At the age of 14, I finally ran away to Los Angeles on a Greyhound bus, carrying my belongings in a garbage bag. Bottom line, life was tough. I realize now with a chuckle that this was my first travel experience!   All I had then were dreams, determination, and a sense of humor.

For years, I had to overcome major obstacles on a daily basis just to survive. Off and on, I was homeless. I had three children and one died at birth. I worked two and sometimes three jobs at a time, finally ending up in Nursing School with a fake ID desperately wanting a better life for my kids.


Looking for Love in All the Wrong Places

Because of my desperate need to be loved,I made poor choices in men. Not surprisingly, I got myself into a string of abusive relationships. Only years later did I learn about co-dependency—especially that it’s not my job to fix, support, teach, or save anyone. During these relationships I was dealing with my own addictions, too. I became a workaholic so I wouldn’t have to face my real problems. But of course, running from my own issues eventually caught up to me in the form of burnouts, and breakdowns. There were bright lights, too. From my teen years on, I immersed myself in studies of ancient spiritual texts and the yogic science of consciousness; they became my lifeline.  I had mystical experiences since as young as I could remember such as “Feeling Energy Heat and pulsations with my hands” receiving immediate “imprints” about people or life events and had many dreams in which I felt as if I had left my body and connected to a higher soul consciousness of the purest Love and Whitest Light. I went through hell and back trying to finish nursing school while working multiple jobs and almost single-handedly raising two children. As an infusion nurse, wound care nurse and later as a hospice nurse. My patients loved me, and I loved them. For the first time in my life, I was making good money in a stable job and didn’t have to count on anybody. I worked nights, slept days, and tried to be as good a mom as I could.

The Big Crash: Real Estate and My Own

Always dreaming and looking for opportunity, I moved from nursing into real estate, eventually becoming one of the highest designated  brokers in the country. I worked hard and played hard. I jet-set around the globe, paying people to do everything from cleaning to childcare so I could work and give my kids everything that I had never had—including nice houses, private schools, and international vacations. However, I was not really mentally present,I did not know how to be. I missed out on many years with my children, hardly realizing that I was passing on to them my own pattern of childhood neglect.  As a Real Estate/Mortgage Broker, I bought and sold houses left and right. At the height of the market, I had four assistants and a staff of thirteen, and I was closing million-dollar deals every month. Then came the crash. Not only the real-estate crash, but also the family crash. My kids resented me, I had put them through so much without even knowing it… I had a complete breakdown. Even in the midst of it, I kept working on other people’s transactions. I knew how to take care of others, but I had no clue how to take care of myself!  The money was gone, my husband was gone, my kids were not speaking to me and no one gave a damn. All my supposed friends disappeared with the money, and I was left broken hearted, owing the IRS, alone and empty and homeless again. I asked myself, “How could this happen . . . again?” I went back to nursing, stuffing my feelings with food and booze for five years. I worked myself to the point where I could barely walk. I saw patients day and night, then went home and drank wine to numb out the pain.

Rising From the Ashes: Awakening to a New Visionniki-travel1

In the depths of my pain, however, I began to wake up. I looked around and began to see how  nurses, doctors and other disciplines were treated in home health and in hospitals. I couldn’t believe that a healing profession could be so dysfunctional: nurses overworked and underpaid, exhausted and overwhelmed; on the verge of quitting or breaking down. Doctors who saw no hope with the increasing paperwork vs. patient care. All my co-workers were completely exhausted, family lives torn, sick and depressed, severely overweight, drinking, having panic attacks and chest pains; I saw my supervisor have a heart attack at 42 yrs old. I witnessed them not knowing about proper diet and that “plants did indeed contain protein” and they ate fast food in the car while driving to see  patients and teaching diet to their patients!  I was starting IVs and giving IV hydration to fellow nurses as they drove with the IV still in their arm to see patients; completely exhausted, dehydrated and overloaded. Not even having time to use the bathroom while driving in LA traffic! That is just INSANE! How could the public heed our advice when we weren’t even taking care of ourselves? We are the closest ones “face to face” with others who are suffering so badly. We had better get it together… and fast! I vowed to save myself and start a movement that would help others.

I started to see that the only hope was for we healthcare workers to change ourselves from the inside out.—again!  This was the moment I decided to become a catalyst for change, to start a revolution… Little by little, my intuition began calling me, stronger and stronger, and I began to listen to the whispers of my own heart. Gradually and with CLEAR intent, I began attracting all of the people, places, and things I needed to be of service to others. I spent a lot of time working with healing energy and people, nursing my wounds and scars, allowing me to come full circle to my authentic self. My children and I healed together, I faced the shadow side “we all have to see” and came out a true Light worker aware of her mission. I once again started feeling “Energy coming out of my hands”, I started having dreams and imprints and “knowings” and I could NOT stop the intensity of the “pull” from something bigger than myself. I began having deeper experiences with my hospice patients that were unexplainable and could only be experienced. I KNEW without a doubt that I was being called to play a huge role in something much bigger than myself and I could not stop it. I began all over again to read books of ancient wisdom. I got back into a daily meditation and started a daily yoga routine. I changed my diet, exercised,  truly listening to my body. I slowly got back in touch with the real me and began to release the “false selves” I had created over half a lifetime. I moved again and again — probably a total of eight times — until I knew I was in a community that would truly support my spirit and who I really am.  Eventually I ended up in Bali creating retreats for “Burned out Caregivers”

Healing From a Place of Wholeness

Now, from a place of wholeness, I know that my previous careers were not in alignment with my core spirit. Now it all makes so much sense why I went to places like Machu Picchu, Egypt, The Amazon, India, Thailand, and SO MANY other spiritual centers of every sort. Now I understand why I have spent my life speaking to healers, shamans, monks, priests and spiritual practitioners, as well as religious leaders in villages and cities around the world.….  Now I am doing the work I was always meant to do, and it is truly a labor of love. Sure, my life has been one of extremes. But thanks to this lifetime of ups and downs, sickness and health, success and failure, I now have a message of true healing — not just for myself, but for all of us. We must first become healthy and whole ourselves if we are to continue to effectively help others.   As I said, many have called me a dreamer, and that is true. I have always been a dreamer, but now I am ready to share the fruits of my dreams in a big way. My vision is to help Healthcare Professionals, AND those who are called, to heal themselves “quickly” as we are in an energy shift on the planet and the Suffering NEED YOU NOW! If your spirit is calling to you like mine is, then there’s no time to lose. We’re calling all light workers and YOU are one.

Infinity Quantum Qi Gong healer, Medical Intuitive

Ama Lia Wai Ching Lee

I was born in Kuala Lumpur, grew up in Singapore, lived in France and the U.S. in San Francisco for thirteen years and I have been coming to Bali for 26 years and commuting between Singapore and Bali for the past eight years. Healing is in my DNA on both my maternal and paternal sides for many generations. My father was a Chinese physician to the Sultan of Selangor in Malaysia and his father was a healer. I am of the Peranakan Heritage and my mother and grandmother and so on were all healers. I grew up in all the healing arts as it runs in the family. Including making her own face powder according to the full moon, making herbal products for our face and bodies, and cooking with herbs in the most creative and delicious ways. My aunts and I bathed in floral waters to purify the aura. So this was part of my education, it’s not learned from a book, it must be lived, breathed and a way of life. I started practicing Qi Gong with my mother in temples in Singapore as a child, and yoga with my aunt during my teens. MY mother was the first Chinese woman to be featured in a newspaper practicing yoga in Malaysia. I also studied with Master Qi Gong teachers, all Chinese, and quickly adapted their techniques until July 1990, when during a mystical experience in a park in Marin County, I received a bolt of light and started to develop a style of Qi Gong which I now call Infinity Quantum Qi Gong. It is a set of simple meditation with movements that lead to accelerated results.


I have studied in California at the Institute of Integral Studies and also worked with my good friend Dr. Edgar Mitchell, sixth man on the moon and Commander of Apollo 14, who founded The Institute of Noetic Sciences – Noetics, meaning consciousness. We would like to start an Asian chapter and all are welcomed to contribute. I specialize in dealing with people who have suffered Trauma, PTSD, Sexual Abuse issues and I help them in recalling the spirit back as well as Death and Dying and Intense Grief and how to come back to your Higher self calling all parts back into the ONE. I joined Niki on her mission as it is also similar in many ways to my own mission. I was the Qi Gong Sifu working with Masaru Emoto NY times best selling author of “The Hidden Messages in Water” and Internationally renowned Japanese scientist Masaru Emoto shows how the influence of our thoughts, words and feelings on molecules of water can positively impact the earth and our personal health.  I have also travelled with him to Sedona for water ceremonies with the native peoples, as Water Bearers and Protectors. I met Niki energetically before we met in person. We knew each other immediately. We shared a very sacred and mystical experience of which I will let her elaborate if you get the chance to meet her in person. I have worked with Depak Chopra, Osho and Doctors all around the world in helping with their patients. Being blessed and honored to be a part of helping the practitioners of the world, I believe we can reach others faster as the Energy Matrix is opened up more at this time on the planet. Come heal. I will personally help you lose the false self, connect to your higher purpose and show you your power. There is no time to wait, the World needs YOU now!

Master Chef and Herbalist

Arif Springs

arifArif was born into a traditional family where money was short. Arif learned grassroots ways to “heal his family” through herbs and spices. In Ubud his love for raw food really began, and in combination with his traditional up-bringing, he gained a reputation for healing others through food choices. Arif specializes in a natural healing herbal remedy that has been passed down through generations and really works! Arif is humble and kind and generous to a tee. Arif’s message is to help others heal so they can at least have a fighting chance at reaching their highest calling. Arif is now behind some of the most delicious raw food delights on the island. Chef at Taksu restaurant and former raw food chef at Springs Villa as well as Balinese Healer of Herbal remedies, he is sure to tempt your palate.

In addition, Arif, as well as his uncle, who is a professor of herbal studies at the University, have been healers in Bali all their lives making herbal remedies for ailments such as arthritis, diabetes, high blood pressure, PMS, inflammation and much more.. He is sought after by some of the big name restaurants and he chooses to remain in the environment of his culture and upbringing with Natural Healing and to grow organically by “keeping his message Pure”. We are delighted to have Arif as part of our team.

Chef, Author, Speaker

Diana von Cranach

dianaDiana von Cranach was born in the UK and after being Cordon Bleu trained, decided that she had to find her own style of cooking! How’s that for “to the point?” LOL Completing a degree in Egyptology at Heidelberg. She moved to Bali in the 90’s where she continued her studies and love of all things food. Her interpretation of the ‘raw’ or ‘living’ food movement that began in the late 1990s is what led her to open the FIRST Raw food restaurant in Singapore. Diana is an intuitive and knows how to lead the way! Diana knows which herbs and spices are indigenous to each culture and also which is to be used for treating certain ailments. She has been a quest chef at many hotels throughout the region and has opened her newest restaurant in the heart of Ubud “The Herb Library” which focuses on using many fresh herbs and spices found locally in all of her meals as well as the medicinal properties of the herbs. Doors opened in December of 2016. Once you meet Diana you will fall in love with her Brittish humor, quick wit and Incredibly hilarious stories about her life, her travels and her hardships throughout her life. She does not hold back, and that is why we love her! She is the author of many books including “Raw-fully Good” Living Flavours of Southeast Asia and ChiliTime: Vegan luscious condiments from around the world. She is the owner operator of “Puri Ganesha Villas in Bali, so she knows a thing or two about hosting a party! Once in a while, if we are blessed, we can find her teaching classes on “How Indonesia’s spices changed the world”

Lightworkers Oath

As we travel throughout various countries, we are constantly calling forth Amazing Healers who have been called at this time in history to “Be Available” to teach our group. We at times will have surprise guests and depending on which country we or they are in, will dictate who else will be “Energetically Called” to come and guide us to the next levels. These are always “SACRED Connections” and “Authentic.” This is a representation of our very lives and we ALL have a servant’s heart…We are here for you… and your evolution so you can heal quickly and begin YOUR new life’s mission on the planet.

I AM a Lightworker. I awoke so that others may awaken. I learn so that others may also learn. I transform so that others may transform. I lighten my load so that other may change theirs. I learn to see so that others may also see. I forgave myself so that I may help others to forgive. I love myself so that I can bring out love in others.

I am lightworker. I live to give comfort. I live to shine loving light onto others. I live to heal. I live to give hope. I live for truth. I live to love.

*we affiliate with no religion, we are Energy-Heart-Based and have Healers and teachers from all cultures around the world as we are all ONE*