Everyone of us is a natural storyteller. We tell our partners how our day turns out. We tell our friends where we tasted the best burger we had. We tell our family about our recent promotion at work. There are many other stories that we share. In fact, there are countless stories we have shared in our lifetime. But there are some stories that are life-changing, stories that we have endured and succeeded. These kind of stories are the best stories to tell. Sometimes, we only limit these stories to the ones closest to us because we don’t want to be judged or we don’t want people to know our struggles.

Here are the top three reasons why you should tell your story to a larger audience.


1. Stories inspire people who are about to give up


Sharing to a larger audience gives you the power to inspire more people. You don’t know who among these people are about to give up. Keep in mind that everyone needs a little inspiration. You can be the inspiration. You can inspire them and tell them that you are in your position right now because you didn’t give up. You can inspire them by telling them that you chose to stand and fight even when the world is telling you to give up.

Keep in mind that success stories are one of the most read stories because everyone wants to be successful in their own way.

2. Stories encourage people to not rush into things and take one step at a time


There are people who may have been fighting for quite some time but still can’t see any sign of victory. Your story can be the encouragement that they needed. Your story can remind them that there are some things that you can’t rush. Time is a very essential element in victory.

3. Sharing your stories show that you have already overcome the obstacles that you experienced


The one true sign that you have already moved on or that you have already overcome a particular incident in your life is that you can tell your story. You can’t tell your story if you are still holding back. You can’t tell your story if you are afraid of what people might think after you said it. You can’t tell your story if you can only see one side of it. Telling your story is the best way that people can see that you are indeed a victor in that particular area. Telling your story shows that you are not ashamed of what you have done or the wrong you may have committed because one way or another, you rose from the pit and claim victory.
There are lots of stories to tell. I have lots of stories to tell and I am pretty sure that you have lots of stories to tell as well. Remember, stories don’t define you. Choosing the ending of a story defines you.